A Personal Christmas Message


Imagine that night.  Like any other night, shepherds are following their routine when all of a sudden an angel appears to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Tidings of great joy!  400 years of silence shattered in a glorious burst of light and celebration of the angelic host.

After the angels left would you return to the normal routine of life?  Would you live like you did before or would you be changed and would that change translate into action?  Those simple shepherds were forever changed by the profound truth of Immanuel – God with us.

I want to share our personal Christmas letter with you.  We are certainly ordinary people seeking to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.  Thanks for joining us on this justice journey.

Helen sometimes travels with me.  In February while in California we noticed unusual lumps which became boils as a result of a serious air borne spore disease.  God miraculously healed Helen in March but she remained on medicine most of the year.   She continues to be part of a BSF Bible Study group and does her best keeping up with the schedules of 15 year old young men.  She is the parent representative on the high school improvement committee which monitors goals and sets direction.  She spends what time she can with her mother in New York who suffers from advanced dementia.   She got the ok to travel in late August on a family cruise to Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden.  The photo is from the ship – easy to smile with all you can eat buffets!

image (2)

Joseph is the Vice-President of his sophomore class and ever the entrepreneur suggested a “Student Stop” café in the school as a successful fundraiser for the class.  He is concert master violinist in the orchestra, played “Grocery Boy”, the only comedic role in the fall play, and will be a singer/dancer in the spring production of Once Upon a Mattress.  He competes on the speech team in radio and humorous duet acting and has medaled in both.  He remains involved in the church youth group and joined his brother on a summer mission conference.  This summer he worked with a law student and myself to create a justice program for students called Justice For All and launched the club at Larkin High School.

Daniel is the President of the sophomore class.  He will join his brother as a singer/dancer in the spring play.  He continues to excel in speech in extemporaneous speaking making it to State Regionals as a freshman.  He also competes in Impromptu.  He attended a speech camp this summer which provided excellent technical assistance to his already vast knowledge of world events, government, economics and policy issues.  He is active in the school’s Christian club and youth group.  He and his brother competed in Mr. LHS, a male pageant at school.  He also helped with Justice for All and both he and his brother volunteered for Administer Justice’s banquet and in other ways around Gospel Justice Initiative.

Bruce moved full-time to Gospel Justice Initiative to engage Christ followers across the nation in serving the legal and spiritual needs of the poor.  As the nation sees rising injustice, the church has a powerful opportunity to bring gospel justice into the dark places of this world.  With the hope of the gospel, the help of a lawyer and the support of a church, true justice is possible.  I continue to serve on Judson University’s Board of Trustees, on the board of Christian Business Fellowship and as an elder in our church.  I was blessed to perform both a wedding and funeral for dear friends.  At age 90, my best friend and co-founder of Gospel Justice Initiative, John Robb, went home to the Lord this summer.

We pray you know the truth of Immanuel and are forever changed.  May we be moved to serve His Kingdom of Justice and Righteousness in 2015 as we listen to Immanuel’s voice and

Go and Do Likewise.