Why Gospel Justice Initiative? Part 3

Part 3 – Initiative

We are exploring what is in a name – specifically the name gospel justice initiative. We began with the gospel, the good news, of justice. The good news that God is restoring all that is broken and bringing shalom to our dying world. This good news is found individually in the cross where Jesus reconciled all mankind. This good news also heralds the coming kingdom where all nature, all government, all laws and all systems will be perfectly redeemed in a kingdom of justice and righteousness. And we are called to work individually and corporately toward this kingdom. Not that we will bring it through our efforts – we will not – but we are called to be faithful stewards of justice until our Regent arrives.

Initiative literally means “that which begins”. As stewards of justice we are called to begin to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God. To be a Christ follower means to follow. You cannot follow by sitting idly by. You will quickly lose sight of the person you are pursuing as a follower if you do nothing. Our faith is not a dead faith. We do not say a prayer and then seclude ourselves from the world. Our faith informs and transforms our actions. We act justly. We love mercy. We walk humbly.

There can be no gospel without God’s initiative. The good news is that after we chose to violate God’s law and bring injustice into the world, God took the initiative to restore what sin broke. That is good news.

There can be no justice without God’s initiative. Justice is a reflection of the eternal God. He is just, he acts in justice and he establishes order and just systems. Injustice is the result of our desire to distort that perfect reflection to meet our own twisted desires. God is acting to restore all systems and right all wrongs through his perfect kingdom of justice and righteousness.

God is a God of initiative. He initiated creation. He initiated man. He initiated order in the universe. He created us in his image so that we would be people of initiative. That our hearts would align with His heart and our very souls would yearn for the things of God.

Initiative is beginning. Every great act begins with a single step of faith. The end is not known but what matters is the beginning. The Samaritan knew not how the injured Jew would respond, but it mattered not to him. He saw injustice. He took initiative. We actually don’t know the end of the story. That’s because Jesus’s point was not in the ending – but in the beginning. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference. Don’t let fear or busyness or pride stop you from taking initiative. Take action. Begin with a single step of faith.

Gospel Justice Initiative is a step of faith. Rooted in God’s heart as revealed in His word and carried forward by prayer in seeking His guidance, we commit to share the good news of God’s restoring work in the midst of brokenness. We seek to engage Christ followers to serve the legal and spiritual needs of the poor. We dream of seeing 1,000 gospel justice centers transforming lives in the name of Christ. We do not know the end (before the Lord’s return) but we will begin. We will take initiative.  We will –
Go and Do Likewise.